Gentleman’s Fancy Sock

This next pair of socks I made with yarn purchased in December when L & M and I took a road trip to the Pearl Button Museum and to a yarn shop. (M bought the same yarn to make crocheted socks. We need to compare the results.) It is Opal Krokodil in I believe color 12, (the label is in German, so it may be color 31 and lot 12.) which is purple and black with fairly short dashes of both, but somewhat longer stretches of the black. I haven’t found this particular yarn in a quick web search.

I decided to make Gentleman’s Fancy Socks (from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks) for myself. These socks have a French heel and a wide toe. I started the socks at a meeting without checking size too carefully. I wanted to be sure the pattern I was planning would be pretty mindless as I intended this for travel and conference knitting. I split the ball into two equally sized balls that would fit more easily in my purse.

sock 4

Pattern: Gentleman’s Fancy Socks
Yarn: Opal Krokodil color 12
Needles: size 1
Began: March 2007 ; Completed: April 2007
Modifications: see below

I cast on 72 stitches and used size 1 bamboo needles. Because my yarn was bigger than called for in the pattern, I made the cuff only 16 rounds and then made each repeat 8 rounds (6 for the pattern and 2 plain knit). I did not include any decreases because I planned to make them shorter than my calf, 7.5 inches (4 repeats + cuff) up from the heel flap. I also tried to make the foot shorter (3 1/2 pattern repeats), basing the fit on my foot and on my 1st socks.

socks 4BThe pattern worked well at the conference. I did not need to look down much and so could listen. I finished the first sock at the conference and had just begun sock 2 for the trip home. I made more progress on sock 2 than I had anticipated because I was stuck in Atlanta an extra night and then the next day was caught at O’Hare for 9 hours, which was doing a lot better than many people. I was able to knit standing in line at United customer service. I could tell some people were jealous that I had something to do. And other were just jealous I hadn’t slept in my clothes.

This was my first experience knitting while standing and I believe my tension was looser. I also found that while this pattern is really good for mindless knitting while something else is going on, it started to get really boring when I was stuck in a really boring place when I hadn’t gotten enough sleep. I’m not really sure anything would have been better, and I was glad I at least had something to do (and had had a bed the night before).

As the knitting progressed, I was becoming less fond of the yarn. When I got home, TH liked the socks. This was good because it turns out that I made them his size, not mine, so he got this pair of socks.

One other thing – I saw RMC today and she had a really nice book (Handplagg til Bunader og Folkedrakter) of Norwegian gloves, mittens, fingerless gloves and wrist warmers. beautiful pictures and beautiful objects.


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