Too Much Stuff

I live in a house of stuff. I can blame TH or say it is a shared problem (both are partly true), but I know that vast quantities of these mounds of stuff are really all my fault. I have too many hobbies and interests, all of which require stuff.

For example, I’m making hat for DJ and I don’t have enough yarn, so I am using something different for the brim. I bought a yarn for the brim that was close to as soft as the hat, but I don’t think it will look good. It might to DJ, but she isn’t here to encourage me in her broader color sense than mine. I think I can use some left over yarn (doubled) from a baby blanket I gave to CL. I didn’t try the left over yarn until I had purchased more yarn (problem 1). The doubled yarn will require a bigger needle size that I don’t have (problem 2). In order to use the new yarn for something (I do have a plan, really!) I need yet another needle size (problem 3). All this just to get rid of yarn that was an impulse buy from a sale table (original problem).

I really am trying not accumulate stuff for yet another hobby, but if you don’t have the needles, what can you do? I thought I was being so clever and bought a KnitPicks options needle set. Unfortunately, the shortest length is 24″ and that can be too long for many things. That means I need to continue to invest in shorter circular and/or double points (who am I kidding, it will of course be “and”).

I already have boxes of fabric and assorted sewing notions and equipment. I could weed the fabric, but I like it all too much to even give much to DJ, who actually uses her fabric. Then there are the boxes of spinning fiber and related equipment. I am a weaver wanna-be, which means weaving equipment and yarn is relatively limited, if you exclude the loom under the couch and the two small ones in the attic. I don’t want to mention the boxes of papers of articles that are interesting (but that I haven’t looked at in years). I also have the smaller hobbies, including a frame for twining, some book binding equipment, a small amount of glass for bead making, and the growing collection of beads to make jewelry. Finally there are books, which are not a hobby but friends, so I don’t think I need to include them.

I have been trying to quell TH’s fears that knitting won’t take over the house because the equipment is small and I would try really hard to use what I buy and already have and not buy too many projects ahead. (No, I mean it this time. Scouts honor.) I am trying to keep a reality check on my purchases by maintaining a needle and yarn inventory. I don’t actually have too many duplicate needles (the KnitPicks set can replace some that I don’t need now and I plan to give them away), other than the two size 1 circulars I got to try socks on two needles. I am not accumulating needles simply because the ones I want are already in use or because I can’t find them, so I really shouldn’t feel so guilty. Buying these additional needles in reasonable, right? So why do I feel like I need to sneak them into the house? I don’t want to give the impression that TH would actually have a problem with my buying equipment that I don’t have but need, but he might question why I am still not working on his vest. This guilt is really all my own, a feeling of imbalance in the house.

I think the answer is that TH needs to buy a lot more woodworking stuff to make me feel better.


One thought on “Too Much Stuff

  1. Well, I can hardly argue with your logic or try to convince you to de-stash your house. Clearly the books can’t be part of a hobby stash, regardless of topics. It just isn’t reasonable at all. I agree with your conclusion that TH simply needs to balance out your house by acquiring more hobby supplies. I think that MM needs to investigate more hobbies, for now his generally involve getting more computer gizmos and small electronic devices. Not satisfying to my hobby stash needs/guilt relief at all.

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