Review: Mason-Dixon Knitting

I thought that since we all love books, we could also talk about knitting etc. books on the blog. I don’t want to say I am planning to write book reviews because that would give the impression I read the entire book (true in some cases, but not in others), that I have tried projects (true in few cases) and that I know enough to judge it in some way — not true for anything. I also don’t want to say what I don’t like because everyone has different opinions of what is nice. Some bloggers really seem to enjoy pointing at things they find awful. I prefer to just turn the page or click to a different site. I mostly want to share books with you and show you/tell you about you things I like. Because this is all about ME. I mean us.

First up is Mason-Dixon Knitting 9780307236050, which I have checked out of the library right now. The authors have a blog of the same name. I have looked at their blog and am not enamored with it, but I did find the book an enjoyable read. (Note: there is an errata for it on their web site.) There are several projects that I like, mostly built on a few basic techniques that I thought were well explained.

I already wrote about the ball band dish cloth, which was good introduction to slip stitch.

I like the big dotty cushion a lot. I don’t know where I could use it, but it is a really nice pattern to keep in mind.

I’m not sure about the bubbly curtain. It is an interesting idea, but I don’t think I ever would make it. Same with the after dark robe – I think it looks nice, but realistically, I’d sew a robe not knit one. I can’t say I’d sew a bathroom curtain since I have had fabric for one for years that remains uncut, so perhaps knitting does make sense.

There is a whole chapter on log cabin knitting, which looks like a very interesting technique to try. It seems like it is clearly explained in the book, but since I haven’t tried it, I can’t say for sure. I can easily see the next baby blanket I make being Joseph’s blankie of many colors. I really like the moderne log cabin blankets (two designs) (check the book for really good colors). The one designed by Ann Buechner of woolly thoughts is great! (This site has some other great things is you like math and fiber). The technique can also be used to knit quilting patterns like the courthouse steps or flying geese. I think this is an interesting idea. I could also consider making the two bath rugs (snazzy bath rug or absorba, the great bath mat), but don’t know if I really want to knit a bath rug.

They have a short bit on “scribbling“, a technique to make interesting scarves. I had heard of this before and I think I’d seen one, but it didn’t make sense how to make one until I read it in the book. It sounds very easy.

The other things that interested me were some really easy baby gifts – bibs and burp cloths. I think Sari has seen a variation on the bib that button in the front, which is both easier to knit and easier to put on the child.

Rating: 3


4 thoughts on “Review: Mason-Dixon Knitting

  1. Nice post! I completely agree that we should be able to post about anything (except that one obvious topic), as long as it’s something we’re interested in as a group. Since we’re all pretty interested in what the other two are doing …OK I already have Mason-Dixon Knitting on my [long] list of books to buy soon. Now I see even more projects that I should knit. I hadn’t noticed the big dotty cushion before, I do have an Empire Period bench at home that needs a cushion. We’ve had it for years and I just haven’t found anything I like. I like the big dotty cushion! Also, I think I need the patterns for those baby bibs. As you know, there is a population explosion going on around here, and I’m scrambling to make “thoughtful” handmade gifts. Perhaps I should put the handmade in quotes, too. The thought process has been accomplished, it’s the made part that’s not quite there!Thanks again Wendel Kate, for a lovely, well-made post.

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