Review: Hip Knit Hats

I have finished knitting that I could post about, but I don’t have pictures, so I’ll post about a book that I should return to the library.

I used Hip Knit Hats 9781579906443 by Cathy Carron for Clara, the hat I made for DJ. I didn’t have any problems with the instructions, but there is an extensive errata which you would want to check.

I think the book has quite a few interesting designs. The hats use heavier yarn, both for a quicker knit and to give some heft to help give the hats more shape. I had never made a knit hat before and I found the instructions easy enough to follow. There seems to be a good range of easy to more challenging hats. Carron usually shows that hat in multiple yarns and colors so you can see the effect of a simple change. The book has a short introduction on making hats in general. I believe she generally makes them from the top down. She also includes information on fit and style to flatter various face shapes. A few of the hats are felted, so I may come back to this if I decide to make DJ a felted hat for her to embellish with needle felting.

The hats are mostly for women, but there are a few men’s hats and TH likes a couple of them (Duncan, Skye and Skip (which is a basic watch cap)).

There are several hats that I like, including Valery, Bette, Violet Seed, Clara and maybe Mari. There is something about Mari that is bugging me, but I also really like it, so I’m not sure if it is just the model or the colors, or if there is actually something about the hat’s fit or construction I don’t like. Valery is the brown and black hat on the cover and Mari is the pink and red hat on the cover. I saw the book briefly in a store and liked the Valery design so well I needed to figure out what the book was since I hadn’t written down the name.

Rating: 3.2


One thought on “Review: Hip Knit Hats

  1. I saw this in the bookstore on Saturday and nearly bought it! I didn’t buy it because I was on a mission to find and purchase just one book: “Second-Time Cool:The Art of Chopping Up A Sweater,” but I had to order it. I’ll get it next week. So, I ended up buying two other books and had to just decide to rein myself in and put down “Hip Knit Hats.” I guess it just may end up on my list of must-buys.

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