Classic Camel Vest

On Thursday I finished TH’s vest.

Vest 1

Pattern: Classic Camel Vest, from Men in Knits
Cascade 220 Heathers (2445), 4 skeins
Needles: Size 7 (and 5 and 6)
Began: February 2007 ; Completed: April 2007

Modifications:I resized a little because my gauge was a bit different and I thought TH was a bit between sizes.

Notes: I used 5/8″ buttons, but I think they are a bit small, so I bought 3/4″ today and I think they will hold better. It seems a bit big across the back. I think the fit is a bit better when I pull it in a bit at the top center back (it doesn’t stay on the shoulders as well as I would like). I don’t think there is anything I can do about that now. I tried to make it fit over loose shirts, so the arms are generous. However, when worn over a narrow shirt, it is too wide. This I could fix in some way with the side seams, but I think it will stay as is and be meant for loose shirts. That is the style of it anyway — it isn’t supposed to be a more fitted vest like Tristan wears in in All Creatures Great and Small.

This is my first real garment, so there were a lot of firsts with making it. Seaming together was new, as was three needle bind off and picking up stitches. I had done this before, but I don’t think I have been doing it correctly. I still may not be, but I at least figured out something different to do that would work for this. These are also my first buttonholes. The vest includes my first bit of cabling. I used Grumperina’s instructions for cabling without a cable needle and found them very clear.

I got it done in time for TH to wear to WhiskyFest on Friday. (We had a lot of fun, but I won’t talk about non-fiber stuff unless you ask).


3 thoughts on “Classic Camel Vest

  1. I really like this one. But no cable needle–obviously you can control your stitches better than I do! Keep this one away from the washer–it would felt rather nicely.

  2. I really like this pattern, does it have instructions for children’s sizes? TL would really love something like this. I tried once, but mine didn’t have an opening and I decided to skip the cables. It was a sweater vest, though! And TL wore it until it got warm last year. Now I believe it’s too small.I think that the Classic Camel Vest looks like it fits pretty well in the photo. Can’t see the back though … Also, I agree that a size larger buttons would look nicer. I think that the whole ensemble would be nice to wear to a Whiskey Fest! How did that go? Did you drink a lot and make yourself sick, or did you remember to eat first this time? Did you really go to any informational session? Hmmm? 🙂

  3. I should have included that information — yes, there are instructions for a couple of kids vests in the book. I don’t recall if this vest has instructions for a child’s size. The book has several vests that look fairly easy and the TH likes. He was wanting some vests to wear in the house during winter and outside during cooler days of spring/fall and this book had a few options for him.The vest is a little prone to slide off the shoulder because it is a bit wide. This is why I think the back is wide. The back itself looks fine, the vest just doesn’t fit as perfectly as I’d like.

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