Book review ratings

I was thinking we should have a rating system for the books we review. This is what I was thinking of:

5 – This book is great! I absolutely want a copy and will cry if it goes out of print before I can get it
4 – This book is really good and is definitely worth the money, but I should remember I don’t necessarily need to own EVERY knitting book I like
3 – Interesting and useful, but better for the library since my shelf space and budget are limited. Also for books that are good to read and then pass on.
2 – Not to my taste but I won’t make fun of you for having it on your shelf
1 – Shouldn’t the library be spending their money on better things?
0 – Give to Savonarola

I’m not sure I’ve run across any ones or zeros. I’m trying to keep my fives to a minimum, so hopefully this will be a bell curve

What do you think?

Obsessively yours,


2 thoughts on “Book review ratings

  1. Sure, sounds like a good idea. If you want to go into the text of a post I have done to add your competing rating to mine, that is fine with me. Or can bury it in the comments. Or not give an alternate rating.

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