When I was very young I loved bright colors. We moved to a new house when I was two and my parents were able to get a good deal on a piece of carpeting the right size for my room in bright orange. I mean BRIGHT ORANGE. The rest of the room was of course covered in orange flowered wall paper. After we moved from that house I didn’t want anything to with orange for years. My father’s rust phase didn’t help matters.

DJ was also traumatized by that room and still hasn’t recovered. It wasn’t even her room, but during the six week remodel she needed to share my room for two years. It might not have been two years, but it was a lot longer than six weeks. DJ still cannot stand the color orange, all due to this very vibrant carpet. And the aforementioned rust phase.

The photo doesn’t really show the carpet as well as I would like, but it gives you an idea. By the way, that is Larry Lion on the bed with me. If you pulled the cord he said several different things.

I have slowly become more accepting of orange. It has eased in through warm fall colors. Bit by bit I have been able to have more orange in my life, but very bright, vibrant orange is still not a color I gravitate towards.

DJ gave me a grab bag of yarn for Christmas 2005. Some of the yarn was more “grab baggy” than others. She included 1 skein of Classic Elite Flash in Clementine, which has 3 plies of yellow, bright orange and dark orange. I was startled by it and decided she gave it to me either as a joke or as a challenge.

Somehow the yarn has grown on me and I have wound up buying enough for a sweater. I am now trying to make a sweater (my first garment ever with sleeves) before I go to conferences at the end of May. I thought it would be nice in excessive air conditioning. And perhaps help me dispel what I fear is getting to be a frumpy middle aged look. It is moving our of my normal style — M was surprised I was making anything this bright for myself and thought it must be for DJ.

So now, the race is one. I finished one sleeve this weekend and am working on sleeve two. It would go a lot faster if I didn’t keep making mistakes. The pattern is really simple, but that doesn’t stop me from doing all sorts of things wrong. At least I am now recognizing the errors a lot sooner.


One thought on “Orange

  1. I really like that color, I’m glad you’re not letting it go to waste in the back of your closet. I hope to get to see the finished garment in person! I started to knit my first ever garment with sleeves on Friday, coincidentally. It is also in a shade of orange, how strange is that? I’ll do a whole post on it soon, so more later.

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