Review: The Twisted sisters sock workbook

I have checked out a copy of The Twisted sisters sock workbook 9781931499163 by Lynne Vogel from the library. I think I like this book enough that I should add it to me desiderata list. It has a lot of information for dyeing fiber and spinning the multi-colored rovings, which is useful for me but not so much for you. Since my contributions on this blog are really a way for me to tell JQ and SS (and DJ) about things I think you’d be interested in, I won’t give additional description to these facets.

However, close to half the book deals with knitting socks. Because Vogel is working with highly colored handspun yarn, there are a lot of tips and techniques that seem a little different from other sock books. I need to explore the techniques in more depth, rather than the fast read I gave it last month before the energized singles program. I think even a non-spinner that likes to make socks could find some interesting tips in the book. If you appreciate colorful socks or colorful yarn, there is a lot of great information in the book. If you have more interest in solid or mostly solid colored socks, especially to show off fancy patterns, this book would be of less use. I guess this is to say you both might enjoy looking at the pictures and JQ (who has knit a few socks) might be interested in reading some of it. However, I am betting that this will remain a library book for both of you and not one that you would want to own.

Rating: 4


One thought on “Review: The Twisted sisters sock workbook

  1. Thanks for the info on “Twisted Sisters,” I had seen it listed on some bibliography somewhere and am interested to read your description. I think I’ll look for it in the library. I am interested in brightly colored/variegated yarns for simple sock patterns (so I can whip off a pair in a week), but also like to think I’ll get to the point where I use some fancy patterns and plainer yarn. We’ll see …

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