Review: Yarnplay

Yarnplay 9781581808414 by Lisa Shobhana Mason is an attractive book. I really like the use of color in the pictures and objects. However, there are actually few things I would consider making. I think just have a different esthetic than Mason. For example, sleeves that go over the palm would drive me batty. I know Mason is not the only person to show sleeves of this sort, so I think it is actually fashionable right now, but I have never let fashion get in my way.

The book seems to be quite popular and you can see images people have posted of various designs here.

I like the hemp washcloths, both because using hemp makes sense and because I would not have thought of putting the orange and silver together (p.25) (specifically pumpkin and classic hemp from Hemp for Knitting, All hemp 6).

The Georgetown runner looks nice but does not interest me at all, I think because I think it would be better woven, but again, that is just me. I do not know if this is a sign that I believe multiple techniques should be employed to make the various objects in our life and you should use the most effective one for a given object, or if it means I am locked in traditional ways of thinking about things. It probably means a bit of both.

I like the playful colors in the Mod on mod afghan, but I know I would never make it (probably not even in different colors). Maybe I can blame my current attraction to pink and orange on spring.

I like Tami (ribbed scarf and hat). The pattern is very simple and it shows off the yarn (Filatura di Crosa 127 Print) very well. This mostly gives me ideas for dyeing, but I may come back to the book for the simple structure of the scarf and hat.

My favorite item, and the thing I am most likely to make, is Lorelei (tank top). It is knit sideways below the bust and in a standard manner above.

The same technique is use on Poppy, the v-neck pullover on the cover. This is also quite nice, as long as the arms are shortened.

Finally, Baby A (hat and cardigan) looks easy and nice and is worth keeping in mind for future gift giving. I think the blue (midnight 133) and orange (ginger 154) in a simple design are what really attract me. I do wonder if the yarn (Rowan felted tweed) will be practical for a child since it is made of Merino wool (50%), Alpaca (25%), and Viscose/rayon (25%)

Rating: 3.1


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