Roving and Lace rib cardigan

Two weekends ago I purchased some roving. I have not been an active spinner lately and I already have plenty to spin (especially at my current rate), but I had to buy more because … uh … it was there …

I kept eyeing some targhee and M repeatedly told me I needed it (the picture doesn’t capture the colors as well as I would like). I resisted (I should just learn resistance is futile when surrounded by fibers) but didn’t buy it until I saw the lovely socks the vendor had made using similar targhee. I don’t think she did the dyeing but I could be wrong. If she didn’t do the dyeing, I’m not sure who did it. I also can’t remember R’s store name, but I do know she isn’t too far from M.

The other thing I purchased was a 60% bombyx silk-40% merino blend, dyed by the owner of Lone Tree Wools. I have no purpose for this, but it may become a small shawl. I think I chose this particular item from BS because it is very non-orange and very non-cotton. I did a little spinning on it right away. I did a fair bit more Thursday after I finished the 2nd sleeve (I had been able to knit most of the day at a work function but was a bit tired both of knitting and the orange, which was still swimming in front of my eyes a bit too much on Friday).

The rest of the sweater is moving along slowly. The weather has been beautiful so there has been gardening to do and walks to take. Also, I am modifying my pattern because my large gauge swatch (i.e. sleeve) showed I had a different gauge and I was happy with the hand of the fabric. I also am knitting the fronts and back all together so I don’t have side seams. This meant I needed to figure out how many stitches I needed for the pattern, a multiple of 4. I cast on 200, did the ribbing and started the pattern. Then I realized the pattern is a multiple of 4 + 2, so I needed to rip it back out and cast on 202 stitches. I am now back through the ribbing and into the pattern. It isn’t very interesting to look at yet, so I won’t bother to post a picture.


3 thoughts on “Roving and Lace rib cardigan

  1. Lovely fibers! I’m glad I don’t have the peer pressure to buy even more stuff! My entire house would be full of craft supplies instead of Legos. I learned something in my “Knit Your First Sweater” class that you may have wished to know before you ripped out the whole sweater. The CO +2 is used when you’re going to be sewing up the seems. The “extra” two stitches on each end of the front are used with similar “extra” two stitches on the back panel. When you sew the seam, you use these two sets of two stitches, and then your ribbing will match up at the side seams. Make sense?Sorry to be the bearer of (late) bad news. Of course, you may have needed those two extra stitches for some other reason …

  2. That is a very useful tip. The sleeves did not have an extra stitch like that (although it would make sense). The pattern itself needs a multiple of 4 + 2 to come out evenly. I think I would need to add an extra dummy stitch at either end to do this, which would mean 104 (or of course dropping back to 100 but we will pretend this isn’t an option). I am not going to start again. Unless I need to rip it out for the umpteenth time. I am having a very slow start and I think the yarn is looking a little less bright from all my handling and from riding around in my knitting bag with my purse and water bottle. Well, yesterday it was just the water bottle since the purse didn’t make it to work (that means no keys to office or house to get purse, no cell phone to call TH before he had gotten too far from the coffee house, no money for lunch, no ID… it was a bang-up start to the day. But I digress)

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