Lace rib cardigan (cont.)

I have been having a lot of dumb problems with the main part of the lace rib cardigan. All the problems are probably due to knitting while tired. Probably being too engrossed in Heroes didn’t help either. On Tuesday I tried to be very careful about the first four pattern rows (which I was redoing again). After that point, the pattern is quite obvious to see and I thought I could get back on track with semi-mindless knitting (i.e knitting while talking or watching TV).

Yesterday the knitter’s group met in the afternoon. I made good progress on the sweater. It is now about four inches long. It still isn’t that much to see (so no photo), but I can tell it is finally moving forward.

There are 202 stitches in a row. That means the total number of stitches adds up quickly and it is easy to get an estimate of how many you have done. After about 1600 stitches, I was getting tired. I made mistakes on that row and had to rip it out after starting the next. I thought I had gotten to 2000 OK and was at 2200 when I realized there was something wrong way back at about 1800. I have not been able to figure out how to fix the problems in the lace pattern by undoing just a few stitches so that meant ripping out.

There are two ways to rip out. Method one has you take the needles out and quickly undo everything and then put the stitches back on the needle. I do this when there are several rows to undo (and the yarn isn’t too slick or otherwise problematic). However, because I often drop a stitch and have found with this yarn that I often don’t get all the plies, and need to check the twist of all my stitches, I tend not to do this for just a couple of rows, preferring to go back stitch by stitch. Tinking 400 stitches may not be a good plan. This probably called for the more expedient route, but tinking is what I did. I did get it reknit and even knit an additional row, which in effect means I put in a whopping two rows all evening.

I hope your sweater is going more smoothly, JQ.


One thought on “Lace rib cardigan (cont.)

  1. The photo of the sweater pattern is so nice! I really think you’ll look good in it when you finish it up. As for my sweater, I have been madly knitting socks for TL and haven’t even cast on yet! I have the socks finished except for sewing in loose ends (post later after I get a photo), and will work like crazy on the sweater tonight and early tomorrow morning. I stayed up knitting to midnight for the last 2 nights. I hope to get to sleep earlier tonight.

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