Review: Unexpected Knitting

I really like looking at Debbie New’s Unexpected knitting 9780942018226. Almost everything in the book seems far beyond my current skills, but there are some very interesting techniques and pictures of knitting I can aspire to. Knitty also had a review a few year ago.

New takes knitting across the line from craft to art with some of her work. I really like her Madonna and child, which is reminiscent of stained glass. Many pictures of her more artsy work are collected here. Her coracle, which appeared in Meg Swansen’s A gathering of lace, is also amazing.

The book also includes garments, some of which actually look possible for me to make and others seem more advanced than I am currently. I like the dishcloth vest. The construction looks very clever, but the knitting fairly simple, so I would like to try this, once I find the right yarn.

Scribble lace is also in the book. I believe New invented the technique, although it is also featured in the later Mason-Dixon knitting book.

I really like the swirl socks, which appeared on the cover of Socks, socks socks. The swirl vest is also really neat, but I don’t see making it any time soon (not that I think the socks will be made soon either).

I think the cellular automaton knitting is really interesting and may someday try it. I like how this knitting is based on rules that you choose and then build the pattern in that manner. The math geek in me loves stuff like this.

The ouroborus and labyrinth knitting is also fascinating, largely because of the construction of the garment. A labyrinth sweater is featured on the cover.

Rating: 4.3


3 thoughts on “Review: Unexpected Knitting

  1. Wow, everything looks just beautiful!! I will have to look for this book, too. I guess I should head over to the public library and make sure I have a couple of hours to spend there.

  2. I forgot to add that I am afraid of DJ seeing this post and wanting me to make her things. I think she’ll just be disappointed, which I guess is fine.

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