105 – 7 – 1100

This weekend I finally got around to adding my fiber related books (broadly defined) to LibraryThing. There are a 105 of them – who knew? A lot of them don’t have cover images, so I now need to think about scanning book covers. It isn’t necessary, but it looks more cool with covers.

My Library at LibraryThing

I have made it up to 7 inches on my sweater. I stalled out last night when I found three errors. One will not be fixed. One was a split in the plies (they sdeparate easily) and I was able to pick back just the relevant stitches. The other wasn’t too far back and involved something wrong with the yarnovers. I tried to fix it by picking back but was not successful. So I ripped out several rows and continued to not get that area right (or maybe it was a different area). I think I am moving forward again, but now barely at 7 inches (I ripped out more than 1 inch)

My order from the Webs sale arrived, so I now have 1100 yards of Cascade 220 (5 skeins/hanks) to make the purse for DJ from Pursenality plus.


3 thoughts on “105 – 7 – 1100

  1. Well, I checked on your LibraryThing page and we only have 3 books in common so far. I don’t have all of mine up yet, but I am willing to bet that we don’t have many more than that, since mine are likely to be embroidery/embellishment oriented and yours more textile oriented.Congratulations on getting 105 done in a weekend!

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