Sunburn & Bruises (& Sweater)

I spent much of the weekend in the yard. I have a nicely sunburned thigh as proof. I am also a klutz and so have various bruises, including one on my right ring finger. I tried to take a picture of my legs, but the color didn’t show up well in the photo. I didn’t think of taking one of my hand because I only noticed it an hour ago. It isn’t subtle — red purple with a nice greenish edge. I better watch myself next weekend. I do want to try to look professional when I go to my conferences in early June…

In other news, we can sit on the front porch again because the birds have left the nest.

Back to the sweater. This is what is looked like at the beginning of the weekend.

This is what it looked like before the 400th episode of the Simpsons (I finished the last bit up during Dr. Who).

It is a bit easier to see like this:

Now I am back to the sleeves. The two sleeves were “done” which meant I have some errors to fix and I wasn’t convinced about the length. I was right that they are too short, so I need to add some length to them before sewing on. I hope the shape will work OK. It is really different than the design due to my gauge and making them longer. I think I will finish one and attach it before I move on to the other one in case there is a lot of ripping in my future.


2 thoughts on “Sunburn & Bruises (& Sweater)

  1. You are making great progress on the sweater! Good job! I don’t know about all the ripping out, though. I’d get depressed and stop working on it after a few of those!I’ll post an update on the orange sweater I’m working on soon. I have to finish a set of curtains for a friend’s baby changing table first. The baby came early and I was prepared yet.

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