My sister recently complained about my lack of blogging. She is right – I have hardly posted in months, which somewhat matches my productivity for all textile things. However, I do have things I could/should post. Did she complain because she missed all my exciting comments about knitting? No she complained because she wasn’t getting any sneak peeks at her presents. Sister, thy name is greed (or would it be more correct to say Greed, thy name is sister?)

I visited DJ a few weeks back. We went to a llama farm with a great yarn store. At the yarn store, my sister found yarn for socks for herself that she bought for me to make. I have plenty of projects waiting to be started, but new yarn has some sort of magical allure, so I started messing with the yarn at her house. This meant hand winding a ball because I told the proprietor of the store that I didn’t need it wound (figuring I didn’t need to start working with the yarn for a couple of days until I was home).

I believe I have mentioned that DJ likes bright, vibrant, colorful things. Especially socks. She picked out Interlacements Tiny Toes (100% superwash merino) in color 215. This colorway is… um … bright. (She hoped I could torture M with it. I’m thinking the left over yarn may go to her for Barbie things.) The color repeat is 60 inches. This means that you need to more than 100 stitches around to have the colors line up to swirl/stripe down the leg and sock will essentially alternate a color every other row. This picture shows the hank of yarn, the ball of yarn, and the beginning of nothing (it started with I think 54 stitches and went up to I think 110 stitches) to get a sense of what the yarn would do.

Because the colors are so bright, I was having a hard time finding what I thought was a good pattern to show off the yarn well. I was also having trouble deciding on needle size. It calls for size 2 but I was trying to decide between 1 and 0. I also wanted to find a sock pattern that would be more interesting than just stockinette (even if only slightly more interesting). And of course I wanted them to fit her, but want to be sure they are wide enough to go up her leg. She does not have mighty calves like me, so this last point is probably me projecting myself onto her.

I believe this is the 5th version of the socks, but I think I am happy now. Size 0, cast on 60, “Madder Ribbed Socks” from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks. (The pattern is named for the color yarn used in the original and it is a bit awkward for use on socks in a different color.) When doing the sampling TH and I decided that stockinette showed off the yarn well. This pattern uses a K6 p1 K2 P1 rib, so has long stretches of stockinette but still a bit of ribbing to help the sock fit curves of a leg and foot.


2 thoughts on “Sisters….

  1. Hey!Glad to see you’re back. Not glad I’ve also done no blogging all summer. I have actually finished one or two things. I have to get some photos on here and stuff.I have to say that I don’t think I’d be able to handle DJ’s bright socks for long. On the other hand, I’m knitting an Orange Bear (I’ll post soon), so maybe DJ and TL would get along great? At least in the world of color choice.

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