Three months of stuff

I thought I would share the new things I have gotten in the last 3 months. Yes, more evidence of my poor blogging. First off was my birthday and M gave me some nice wool to spin.

Next came Midwest Weavers Conference — yes a whole conference about textiles and I failed to blog about it. First off, there were some freebies just for attending (the big soap was extra for volunteers).

I bought a 50/50 wool and soy roving blend that I got so I could try dyeing it. I got some sock yarn (quelle surprise!). This is the first self striping yarn I have purchased. I got some lovely sea silk for a scarf for me. (Yes, DJ, this is part seaweed). I bought tencel for a summer top for me. Also shown is a small amount of bison from a class I took. Pat Maley, the instructor, doesn’t know why it is that color, but it is well prepared and more affordable (making it merely expensive) than well prepared bison in regular bison color. She speculated that it may have been shipped to China and treated chemically to dehair, but the fibers are still strong and soft.

I bought two books (The Colour Cauldron and Hands on Dyeing) and a back issue of Interweave Knits (summer 2004). This list doesn’t include the things I bought for the local spinner’s group (two books and an alpaca/tencel/merino blend because it sounded odd and therefore and interesting thing to try)

Then there were the 3 books from the Interweave Press slightly damaged book sale in July. (Yes, I have updated LibraryThing.)

Artyarns Supermerino 109And of course I can’t go to Mom’s LYS without getting something. A skein of ArtYarns supermerino was on the sale table. Once again it looks more like DJ than me. It may become something for someone other than her, so she shouldn’t count on it. Maybe for some future baby… Or another pair of finglerless gloves…

When visiting DJ, I bought llama to spin. She also purchased some very nice alpaca-silk for a hat for P. The llama is on the wheel, so hopefully I will finish spinning it before too long.

Skacel Adagio 6

Instead of spinning, I keep reading (lately it has been Jasper Fforde Thursday Next books as well as The Man Who Never Was) and knitting and thinking about making jewelry (i.e. trying to be inspired by my beads).


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