What I Didn’t Knit This Summer

Most of my knitting this summer seems to have been unsuccessful. The first failed item was a summer top for me made of bamboo yarn. I was working on the cover item from summer 2006 Interweave Knits. I was using different yarn than in the instructions (Plymouth Royal Bamboo in color 10). The yarn is very slick and has many plies. My metal Knit Picks needles were perhaps not the best choice because the yarn could slip easily and I often missed one of the plies when making the lace. More importantly, I found this is not good social knitting; I needed to concentrate on the lace. I had thought it would be a good project for a long car ride to a conference. More correctly, a long van ride (a big enough van it beeps when put in reverse). And more specifically a long van ride where I was often in the way back because I didn’t get car sick. This often meant a fairly bouncy ride, with lots of distractions, trying to do lace on slippery needles I still had problems in a mini van with friends to a textile conference. And in the car traveling to visit my mom and in her living room (once again trying to be social). I finally gave up when I made the umpteenth mistake when listening to Wha’dya Know? and ripped it out in early August. Since I have nothing to show for this, I have included some pictures from the long van ride.

Another unsuccessful project was a pair of socks. I had only 1 ball of yarn (Schachenmayr Regia Bamboo color 1064) and I wasn’t sure how far it would go, so I thought I would try toe up socks. I started them on the plane to the first conference. The toe up instructions were not making sense to my sleep-deprived brain, so I wound up starting top down. I tried a lot of different ribbing patterns to keep myself entertained during the conference but knew I would need to rip it all out. I didn’t have a lot more success on the next two van rides (I had all of 16 hours between returning from conference one and leaving for conference two, which includes a morning at work and a night of sleep, as well as repacking, so I didn’t have a lot of time to properly rethink my plans). I thought the socks were finally working. I liked the sock a bit better on size 0 needles, but I have short wooden ones and long metal ones (too slick for the yarn) so I used my size 1 needles instead. For some reason I kept having problems with the sock – part of this was the toe up thing just wasn’t working for me, I made one sock to the ankle and then switched to the other end of the ball and made the other sock, leaving the first sock on live stitches. I then figures out how much yarn I had and work up both socks until a fairly short piece of yarn joined them. I didn’t get pictures taken but brought them to visit DJ. I wore them in her house (still attached) because my feet were chilly.

During this time I realized the socks were way too big for me. I don’t know what I was thinking when making them. However, my bind off was too tight to get over TH’s foot. The weather was then cold and rainy so I snipped the socks apart and wore them without properly finishing them. I got home and ripped one out (only 1 so I can be sure I make the next one a lot smaller!), washed the sock/yarn and stuffed them away because I was sick of them.

The final thing I didn’t knit is some handspun. See Roving and Lace rib cardigan for a picture before spinning. See left for yarn spinning on bobbin, right for unplied yarn wound into a ball. I had thought I would make faster progress spinning than I did.

The spinning is finally finished, but I haven’t done anything with the yarn yet. It is 60% bombyx silk and 40% merino wool. I bought it when I was working on the orange cotton sweater.


I think I choose it because it is nothing like the orange cotton.


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