Extra sock yarn for Barbie

I have finished 1 sock for DJ. I won’t show a proper completed picture until after the 2nd sock is done because the project isn’t done yet. I have determined that I have about 50 yards left (enough to do about 6 inches of sock). I could use it to make the top of a sock for DJ with the bottom portion being made of different yarn, but that might be too loud, even for her. Another option is to let M make something for Barbie. I think Barbie is thin enough she can get by with stripes.

So, because I think it is fun to see how the yarn looks on different portions of the sock, I’ll use M as an excuse to show you more about the yarn. (I’m trying to give M all the info she needs to use the yarn to the best advantage on Barbie.) The color repeat is between 54-60” (the new hank is about 54”, when the yarn is pulled taught about 60”, and based on the yardage and the number of color repeats, I estimated each repeat is about 4.66 feet). I am using size 0 needles, but it calls for size 2. M probably wants fabric that drapes better for Barbie.

I already posted a pictureshowing the yarn in the leg (60 stitches around).

The heel flap is quite fun. It is 31 stitches, back and forth, which shows off the striping quite well. An entire sock of this might be a bit much (or a bit like Cat in the Hat, as was suggested by someone).

The turn in the heel shows off the striping and individual colors the best. This drops to 16 stitches back and forth.

The toe shows how it looks as the diameter gets narrower (down to 4 stitches). I think the colors don’t look as good when they become this random.After I did the heel, TH asked what it looks like inside. It actually has a really nice look inside. I think I may prefer reverse stockinette when using a yarn that has dramatic color changes on every row. But I wasn’t going to rip out the heel.Inside out whole sock.


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