Review: Knitting Lace

Knitting Lace: a Workshop with Patterns and Projects 9780942391527 by Susanna E. Lewis. I really like this book. Unfortunately, it is out of print. I contacted the publisher, Taunton, suggesting the reprint or consider print on demand because it is usually available for $200+! The publisher did not respond.

The patterns in the book come from a mid 19th century lace sampler made in southern Germany or Austria that is owned by the Brooklyn Museum. There are 91 patterns in the sampler, moving from easier to harder. It appears to be a learning tool, recording patterns learned by the knitter, rather than as a show piece. As if the patterns weren’t enough, the author then explains lace and talks about the patterns in greater detail and how you would use them. I haven’t read the 2nd part – I had completely forgotten about it until I checked the book out again. Two+ years ago, I started my own sampler from the book, but only got as far as the first pattern. I had to stop so I could work on a baby blanket. There are only 4 projects in the book, which is fine since the book really is more about giving the reader the tools to work with lace on her own.

Rating 4.8


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