Fall Magazines

A week or so ago, I looked for the latest Interweave Knits in my local book store but didn’t see it. A few days later, I finally got around to looking at it online and realized there were several things I really liked so I definitely wanted to purchase it. On Tuesday, I decided on a bit of a whim to subscribe – in a year I’ll have to see if the subscription made sense (if I all the issues aren’t ones I would want to buy, a subscription won’t make sense). My subscription will start with winter because they are sold out of the fall issue.

Yesterday I went o my local yarn store to get it. Nope. Then I went o LYS2 in the next town and they were sold out. The woman suggested the big grocery store chain, so I went to the near one (but the one she suggested first was the location nearest my home and just about diagonal from my LUS. Sigh). Nothing there. I then realized I was almost to Darth Mall (JQ – did this come from your household?) and that Barnes and Noble should have it, which they did. Remember that I hate driving, so I really must have wanted this issue. I also try to avoid Darth mall and chain stores whenever possible. Oh well, I tried all the local businesses first and I guess it is better for the community than mail order.

So what sent me all over town looking for this? There is a lot of good stuff in this issue, but the three things I REALLY like are the Tilted duster (cover), the Cobblestone pullover, and the Mirepoix bodice.

While at B&N I of course had to look at all the magazines. I came close to buying (and may still get) the current issue of Knitters. I really thought of AL when I saw Jaspe Red. What this means is I thought of something that either DJ, my Mom or I could benefit from, since all of AL’s clothes were lovely. The last thing I need is another project for DJ. Of the 4 projects going right now, 1 is an experimental hat for me and the other 3 are for DJ. One of the next projects is for Mr. DJ. And then there are the socks I want to make for her when I find the right yarn (I think at least 3 pairs of those) and the-don’t-get-your-hopes-up big project for her. The other item was a vest (Canyon Ridge) for TH. Since I have one of those backed up (well, it is stalled at the spinning stage), it might not be the most sensible issue to buy. But I might anyway because some of the other things are OK. What do you think?

I also looked at the last Vogue Knitting. It had some interesting things in it, but nothing I really wanted. It is a special silver anniversary issue, complete with 10 covers. The Skacel dress is great, but I don’t have the build for it and I’m not excited about knitting a dress. The best thing was in their best of gallery—Annie Modesitt’s Twisted float cocoon shrug (previously published in Fall 2005). If I don’t already have the pattern and if it is reproduced in full, then it may be worth purchasing just for the jacket. They also have a few of the interesting things available for free download (I like the cabled gloves especially, another AL item, and the jacket and pants are fabulous but not something I would make. You need to see the magazine to actually see these very well.

None of the other magazines really caught my fancy, but they usually don’t. I have to look at them, but I’ve never wanted to buy one of them.

I just checked and the fall issue of Knitty is now out. I’ll need to look at that tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Fall Magazines

  1. I subscribed to IK about 2 years ago and don’t regret it ever. Well, except maybe now — this issue is the first since my move, and it hasn’t caught up with me yet. I emailed them last week, and got an apology and “we’ll fix it” from them — but it still hasn’t appeared!

  2. Well, since I’ve purchased the last 3 issues (including the Fall one, sorry WK, let me know if you still need it, and I’ll photocopy what I want and send you the rest), I have been contemplating subscribing, too. Since both you and Janna seem to think it’s probably worth it, I just might. Next pay day …

  3. Beautiful magazine, but TOO HARD!I’m just not there yet….I can’t commit to spending more than $40 on a project at this time…..and $9 is more like it.

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