Review: Bags Two

Vogue Knitting’s Bags Two 9781933027098 by Trisha Malcolm contains instructions for 25 knitted bags. In general, I am not a purse as accessory person. I carry a purse, but pretty much just the one until it wears out. It doesn’t matter how badly it goes with what I am wearing, I still carry it. My sister and mother (and I think my MiL and SiL) are pretty much the same, so I don’t have a lot of need for knitted purse patterns. I also am not convinced that a knitted purse that isn’t felted would work well (Would my pen poke through? Could I clean it?), so again, this may not be a book for me. I say this so you add as much salt as you want to the review. S may have very different thoughts about the book because she actually does accessorize.

The book contains one bag I actually really like, Weekender bag. It is felted and it is big enough to be more of a book bag just a purse. It might work well at conferences or just to carry my knitting.

There are a few other bags that I like, but they don’t really speak to me as something I’d use. Central Park clutch (p.22) might be OK, but I don’t carry clutches and I’m afraid two buckles would be annoying. The texture is nice with the cotton/silk yarn.

The Felted tote (Felt like a watermelon) is fun and I could consider making it.

I thought Cable Ready (p.85) was OK, until I realized it is wool cables on a big bag and I think it would get dirty really easily.

In a maze (p.87) looks pretty neat, but I’m not sure I’d actually want it. The bag itself isn’t practical enough and I think I’d rather make a fancy sweater.

Many of the other patterns are simply ones I’m not interested in, but there are a few that I find quite unattractive. On the whole, the book is not for me, but I think S might like it (since she has more interest in the topic).

Rating: 2.8


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