Review: Knitty Gritty Knits

My somewhat nutty goal is to review all* the knitting books in the local library. *All means books published in the last five or so years (unless they are classics or books I otherwise want to review). I also would exclude books that are clearly directed to an audience other than myself because they would all get a rating of 2 (basically meaning I’m personally not interested in the book). Examples of this include books to knit pet things (S can review) and books on Barbie knits (M can review). I also plan to ignore most knitting for kids, books for kids and teens to learn to knit, and books for knitting large size garments. I am mentioning this because I think the book I am about to review is meant for trendier people than I am, probably teens or a little older. This means I ought to have skipped the book, although in all fairness, the book does not indicate it is for a younger audience. Yes, the small print on the back does say she will share “hip, happening, and funky projects with you” which could be a clue this isn’t going to be a book for me.

I was interested in looking at Knitty Gritty Knits: 25 Fun & Fabulous Projects 9781579909161 by Vickie Howell because I keep hearing about the show in blogs but I have never seen it. Based on another DIY network book I looked at recently, I was suspicious that I would like much in the book.

Well, I was right. There is little in the book that appeals to me. For a while, I thought it was going to be a clean sweep, but true to form, I can find something to like in just about any knitting book.

TH’s favorite was probably the Camo hat because it reminded him of Marvin the Martian and thought L should make it for J. I am not showing a picture because he was not actually serious – I forced him to look at pictures last night when he was very sleepy.

The Sundown hat (Lisa Anne Auerbach) has and interesting construction. It is made out of 18 (or 26) triangles. If I ever made the hat, I would omit the optional ear flaps as I’m not too keen on the floppy eared dog look. The triangles (base of 16 stitches) are joined together, with five triangles making a circle.

Another good project is the Backgammon board (Tina Whitmore). I would pick different colors, at least if I ever want TH to play. I thought it was a clever idea for a travel set.

The book ends with several afghans made of squares in different patterns and colors. I think the Nine-patch baby blanket (Lily Chin) is the best of these. Mohair and wool in ecru and tan is not what I would choose for a baby, but I was thinking of this more as a small throw (I think it is about 3’ x 3’). The reversible blanket has 5 ribbed cable squares, 2 bi-color brioche and 2 diamond brocade squares.

Despite a couple interesting projects, the book really is not for me.

Rating: 2.2


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