Cotton Chenille Vest

A couple of years ago, DJ gave me a lot of yarn because a store was going out of business. Included in the collection were 3 hanks of periwinkle Crystal Palace cotton chenille. The color was obviously meant for DJ and chenille is not something I particularly like. I decided to do something with it and found a vest pattern on the Crystal palace site. It called for a hood, which I didn’t like at all. However, the parti-color look seemed like a good thing for DJ. I bought a hank each of hot pink and royal purple at my Mom’s LYS last January and then started a vest. You may have noticed that this is the first garment I ever tried to make. I thought the big yarn and very square shape would be good for a first project. In this respect I was correct. I think basic wool would have been an easier choice because the chenille is, well, not wool.

I started the vest last winter and then got stuck. It wasn’t that it was so hard, it’s just that I was (am) still learning and it wasn’t coming together. I buried the vest in the closet, which I believe is the appropriate thing to do with any project causing problems.

After I made the vest for TH and sweater for myself, the DJ’s vest didn’t seem so challenging, so I pulled it out and finished it on the way to and at my sister’s house this summer. I say finished, but we didn’t find buttons. I think she is also going to try to do something more to it, because, it really isn’t that great. In fact, looking at the picture tonight, it is pretty bad. But I made it and gave it away and DJ can turn it into a dishcloth for all I care now.

I couldn’t get the colors in the picture to adjust properly to show the right side as hot pink, so you’ll just have to pretend.

vest 2

Pattern: Cotton Chenille + Blippity Hoodie Cardigan Vest
Yarn: Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, colors 9660 (purple), 9628 (periwinkle), 1219 (pink)
Needles: maybe size 8?
Began: Jan. or Feb 2007 ; Completed: August 2007
Modifications:Removed hood, reshaped the neck and added contrast color to neck

Notes: I had no idea how to get the chenille ends to stay put, so I would up sewing them down (zig zag with a sewing machine). I think I may have sewn it together too on the machine (hey, they do it with a lot of store bought things, and since I couldn’t figure out how to do it the right way without just pitching the project in disgust, I thought it was a good cheat.

I knit the front panels a couple of times but I never got consistent gauge. I tried to block it, but it still seemed lumpy and misshapen. In fairness, the photo is of it without blocking the edging. I left it with my sister in that condition. If the edging don’t lay down well after washing to look OK, I’m assuming it will never be worn, so I don’t think it is too awful to leave my sister with the undone vest. She is a talented seamstress and artist, so maybe she can make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.

I did enjoy making it as a first project and I learned a lot, so it was worthwhile. And the chenille will pick up cat hair beautifully, so it is a perfect garment for DJ. If she ever does add button or some other closure, I hope she’ll send me a picture.


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