Sock-of-the-month club

Yesterday, I went to my LYS2 for their Sock-of-the-month club. I had hoped either S or Janna would be able to go, but both were busy so I went by myself. I knew one person there, a friend from my spinning group who works at the store. The new shipment of Cascade Fixation was not yet in, so I’ll have to go back if I want some of the new colors. I had never heard of Fixation. It is really different. It is 98.3% cotton / 1.7% elastic and super stretchy. It is also worked up on bigger needles than I have used for socks (5.5 s = 1″ #5-9). I’m not convinced I’ll like it, but I probably do need to try it. I’m also concerned that the socks will be so stretchy that I’ll make them too big, so I need to get a color TH would wear. I’m hoping for 9816, 9192, 9843, 9030, 9206 or possibly 9891, or 9862.

It seemed like a very different group of knitters than my normal group. That may be mostly because I only knew one person already. There were also two college students which made a nice mix. They were much more up on blogs and Ravelry etc. than anyone else (go figure) and they are both avid sock knitters.

The group was very informal – no official program this month (and by no means was everyone knitting socks). N was knitting two socks at once on circular needles. I had never seen it done before so it quite interesting to watch her. The one time I tried socks on two circular needles, I wasn’t a big fan, but I may have to try this anyway. One of my problems is that my size 1 needles are not Addi turbo and so catch just a bit. I don’t think I want to invest in two Addis just to see if I’d like this two socks at a time thing. N really likes the technique and she teaches a class on it. I’m not convinced it will be for me and think I may agree more with Sockknitter and Purly Whites.

In other news – I spun a small sample of merino – tencel – alpaca (unknown percentages) that I purchased for the Spinner’s group to try. I only spun about 1/6 of an oz (about 4.7 g), which was 28 yards plied. It is a small skein of white yarn so not particularly photogenic. I had never heard of this fiber combination so I thought it would be a good thing for us to all experiment with. I should try dyeing it sometime.


2 thoughts on “Sock-of-the-month club

  1. Well, I haven’t tried to do two socks on two circulars, but I did try something else round that way. A hat, I think. It was a while ago and I hated it, and have suppressed as many of the details as I could. My solution to SSS is to just buy two sets of matching dpns and do them at the same time that way. Somewhat extravagant? Possibly. But you also have to have the self-resolve to Actually Make Yourself switch back and forth. You also have to consider buying two skeins or balls of yarn, so depending on the size you may end up making two pair of the same color. I like my method way better than the two circular method, though.

  2. That’s a good idea! The needle investment would just need to be made once (and there is a new knitpicks set of double points from 0-3 and your method would give me an excuse to buy them….)

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