Hat and socks for DJ

Last weekend I finished the socks for DJ.

sock 6a
sock 6b
Pattern: Madder Ribbed Sock, from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes (100% superwash merino), 2 skeins, color 215
Needles: Size 0
Began: August 2007 ; Completed: September 2007
Modifications: none (other than ½ inch shorter leg)

I think they came out well. I hope she likes them. They have a Dutch or Horseshoe Heel and a Pointed Toe.

When visiting her in August, DJ suggested that the leftover yarn from her vest would make a good hat. She was right except for one thing—there really wasn’t enough, so that hat is a bit short.

hat 3b
hat 3c
Pattern: Cotton Chenille + Waikiki Roll Brim Hat
Yarn: Crystal Place Cotton Chenille, (100% mercerized cotton), leftovers (less than 1 skein total), colors 9660 (purple), 9628 (periwinkle), 1219 (pink); Plymouth Eros (100% nylon), less than 1 ball, color 7100
Needles: size 9
Began: September 2007 ; Completed: September 2007

Modifications: I used a different yarn combined with the chenille. I added stripes because that’s what I had. I started to make the roll brim hat, but by the end it was abundantly clear I was far short of the amount of yarn needed. The chenille wanted to roll up and then the hat was far too short. The chenille didn’t want to lie flat, and even if it did, there was far too long an expanse of periwinkle. I added Eros to the bottom and then folded it up to from a bottom strip and keep the hat from rolling.


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