Review: Knitting with Balls

Knitting with Balls: a Hand’s-on Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man 9780756622893 by Micahel del Vecchio is one of several knitting books out that are specifically for male knitters. They are also for women wanting to make things for men, which is where the book becomes relevant to me. I can’t tell you how a male knitter might like the book, but I can tell you what things look good to TH.

The book includes basic instructions throughout, which look decent as I glanced at them. There are a variety of projects that are somewhat different than most books, such as a wallet, a felted belt, an iPod cover (so if you drop it, it won’t break), a sleeve for a coffee cup, beer cozy (both to keep it cool in the summer and keep your hands warmer at the cold game), felted travel bag and utility cloths (known in most knitting books as dish cloths or wash cloths). He surprised me by liking the coffee sleeve, and then thought I should make him ones that fit around our mugs, with Velcro to attach under than handle.

The Aran laptop cover also appealed to TH, in part because he wants something to protect the laptop so he doesn’t need to haul our big carrying case around. I think it also appealed because it is has nice big cables. (This would definitely take less time than an Aran sweater for him.)

There are of course hats and scarves, such as the fisherman’s watchcap and scarf set. It looked fairly standard to me, but TH liked it, which might be a general thing on the style but I think the yarn probably helped make it appeal. The basic hiking socks also appealed to him.

There are also a few vests and sweaters, and a two are now on the possible project list (the Casual Friday vest and the Aran pullover). Both are quite nice. The Aran is not too fussy and has a really nice look to it.

Overall, I’ll give the book a 3. Despite there being several things TH likes, most of them aren’t particularly unique to the book. However, if I was a man who wanted to knit, it would probably be a good book to buy.


One thought on “Review: Knitting with Balls

  1. I mentioned this book to MusicMan last night, jokingly suggesting that he should, perhaps, pick it up as a good read. He says he’s not interested in becoming a knitter. How rude. He didn’t even say he’d get me a copy!

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