Review: Scarves : a knitter’s dozen

Scarves : a knitter’s dozen 9781893762237 contains 24 different patterns, by a variety of people. I have seen several of the basic patterns in other places, including the Buttonhole scarf (i.e. slit in one half allowing other half to pass through to hold it), Pocket scarf (i.e. pocket in the end) and Wavy scarves (i.e. short rows). The book says “the novelty is more often an unfamiliar technique than a fancy yarn” so there is somewhat less reliance on novelty yarns than in some scarf books I have seen. There are some designs I had not seen elsewhere (including two by Rick Mondragon, Do-be-do and Carmen). The trouble is, that most of the unique things in the book just don’t appeal to me. There are a couple of techniques that are a bit interesting, but even those don’t say “make me”. If you like making scarves or want to make another scarf, it would be worth flipping through the book to see if anything looks appealing. Everyone’s tastes vary so I can’t say you wouldn’t find things of interest. However, this book is not for me.

Rating: 2


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