Catching up

I am way behind on posting. I say this because I have several new finished objects I haven’t blogged about. I also have checked out a bunch of books so I am way behind on book reviews. But instead of blogging, I have been spending my time actually knitting (and doing a little spinning) and starting to mess with ravelry. (I am on as WKate but I think there are only 2 people that ever read this blog that are also on ravelry (since the other 2-4 readers aren’t on ravelry) already have me marked as a friend, probably no one needs to know this little fact.)

I got close to having DJ’s purse done by her birthday, but it needs a handle and a bunch of finishing work. It looks like it might be an I-cord handle, but I have already fulled the bag, so this will be more fun in the basement. Conveniently, the tornado siren went off when I planned to full the bag so I didn’t mind hanging out in the basement. It was just what I had scheduled for the early evening. (TH was more bored and kept going back to the kitchen and to the grill to finish making dinner.)


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