Review: Knits from a painter’s palette

Knits from a painter’s palette : modular masterpieces in handpainted yarn 9781933027067 by Maie Landra is great book for fans of Koigu yarn. I have only used this yarn once, and then for a simple scarf. It is very nice yarn. If you like a lot of color and if you like modular knitting, you would like this book. If you don’t like either of these, the book would not be for you. If you don’t like knitting big projects, this book also wouldn’t be for you, but you may like looking at the pictures.

I really like the book for the ideas and inspiration it gives me. I don’t know how many of the designs I would ever be interested in making, but it is very pretty book to look at. That also bring up a problem with the book–it has artistic pictures that do not necessarily show the garments very well.

The patterns include 2 shawls (lace, not modular knitting) and a few drop stitch items. However, the bulk of the book is modular knits, using squares, diamonds, triangles and hexagons. Most of the patterns are for garments, and many of the styles are fairly blocky. The square shape of many of the garments does not appeal to me (really wide sleeves drive me nuts), although in such soft wool, they may drape better than I am imagining.

I like the jazz cardigan, the patchwork vest (but not the pants pictured with it), and the mosaic jacket. There are a few other things that I also like, but not quite as well

The hexagon skirt reminds me too much of something my parents would have made for my mother in 1970s. It would have been made of fabric pieced together, rather than knitted, but I can’t imagine ever making it (not even if you ask nicely),

Rating: 3.4


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