Sleeping cap

I made a hat last spring for DJ out of cashmere and silk. Mr. DJ really liked it because it was so soft (the fuchsia color, not so much) and wanted a hat to sleep in to keep his head warm. When visiting DJ, we found a very soft yarn that we thought would meet with his approval. So, I made a basic watch cap for him. I tried to keep it somewhat loose to retain as much softness as possible. Because he would be lying on it, I had not wanted the rim to need to fold up. It fits me better with the rim folded up, so he’ll have to decide if it stays on without the folded edge or if it is comfy enough with the two layers on only part of the hat.

hat 4Pattern: Based on several watch cap patterns
Yarn: Skacel Adagio (70% Baby Llama and 30% Silk) in color 6
Needles: number 6, double point
Began: September 2007. Completed: September 2007

Notes: I cast on 96 (probably too many) and did 2-2 ribbing for about 2 inches, continuing in plain knitting for about 3.5 inches. If I had made it 1 round shorter, I would have used exactly 1 ball. As it was, I needed to use a small amount from the second ball to finish. I divided the total into 8 sections and then decreased (k2tog) at the beginning of every 1/8 section every other round. I probably should have ended with 8 stitches rather than making one last round of decreases to 4 because the top has a little point on it. Since it is just for wearing in bed, I think Mr. DJ will be OK with it.

hat 4bNote the strap from my tank top. It is far to warm for October 7!


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