Review: Kaffe’s classics

Kaffe’s classics : 25 favorite knitting patterns for sweaters, jackets, vests, and more 9780316275033 by Kaffe Fassett is a great book if you like color. I have been familiar with Kaffe Fassett since college and have always been impressed with his use of color. I can’t say I like 100% of the color combinations, but he encourages knitters to try their own colors. I also like the book because I think of my father’s color sense and would have liked to talk about the designs with him.

Most of the patterns are quite complex and use many colors of yarn. Some garments use multiple yarns in multiple colors, as is done in cross stitch. As a spinner I see the tremendous possibilities in blending fibers and then spinning just the right amount needed for a design.

Most of his ideas come from “ethnic decorative arts.” He states “Classic structures such as tumbling blocks, zigzags and interlocking crosses will never date and should be part of your design vocabulary.” He identifies the sources for each pattern and it is instructive and inspirational to see how he modifies the designs for knitting.

Many of the designs are for very oversized sweaters. The shape of these garments does not appeal, but I still appreciate the color and design.

I typically don’t link reviews to commercial sites, but in this case, Amazon has more images available and they are worth viewing.

Rating: 3.8


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