Review: Knitting Cuff to Cuff

Knitting cuff to cuff : a dozen designs for sideways-knit garments 9781589232907 by Susan Guagliumi is another book I found on the new book shelf at the library. I have seen other patterns using the side to side method of construction, so it isn’t an earth shatteringly new concept, but it was useful to see several designs side by side.

I like vertical stripes, so this is a good technique to use for that effect. In general I am not excited by the designs in the book, but it is nice to see how various yarns (multicolored, thick and thin) and stitch patterns look when the knitting is turned 90 degrees. Each pattern adds another technique. These seem to be explained well and are not just relevant for cuff to cuff designs.

The vertical striping can be more subtle, with multi-colored yarn (“weekend woodsman”), or can be more pronounced, using different yarns to create the stripes (“boys club”).

The striping can also be done with novelty yarn. I thought “Jewels” was interesting in that it uses the “scribble lace’ technique of sliding the work to the other end of the circular needles and then starting from the other side to create both changes in yarns and garter ridges.

Some of the sweaters show a stitch pattern used sideways. I think this looks pretty nice on the “Fan dancer.” I like the asymmetry of it.

Rating: 2.9


One thought on “Review: Knitting Cuff to Cuff

  1. So, I’m curious about cuff to cuff. I haven’t seen/read any patterns for it. Probably because I’m Way Behind the Times. Anyhow, how do the sleeves work? Does it mean you don’t have to pick them up, or knit separately and then attach? I dislike both of those, mainly because I am not all that good at making the seams seamless. I guess I Could practice, but that sounds like practicing something.

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