Review: Romantic hand knits

Romantic hand knits : 26 flirtatious designs that flatter your figure 9780307346964 by Annie Modesitt is not a book for me. There was one thing I could conceive of wearing, and a few other things that I think look OK but just are not for me – not for my body type or particular likes for garments. I do like the Cleopatra dress. I would never make it and would never wear it, but I think it is cool. You can see many of the garments here. The one sweater I like (Dark Victory) is a very simple design using variegated yarn to good effect. Because this is a public forum, I will not say what I thought of some of the designs. I will just leave it as not I have no interest in making these items, and cannot picture making them for anyone else. I am not an experienced enough knitter to know (or notice) if the techniques are of interest to me.

Based on the reviews at Amazon, it appears to be a bit of a love it or hate it book. Several bloggers have given it positive reviews, largely for the ideas and construction techniques in some garments. If you want to read reviews from people that like the book, read what Claudia, Colleen, or Christie have to say. One of the patterns is also available here. There is also a knit-a-long for the book, so apparently many people like the book a tad more than I do.

Rating: 2.4


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