Works in Progress

I thought I should respond to Sari’s post and list my works in progress. This will not include planned projects that haven’t been started, but only things that are underway. Listing the planned projects would take longer….

1) Purse for DJ. All the bits are now felted, but it needs to be assembled.

2) Socks for TH. They are toe up and I am just starting up the ankle on the first sock.

3) Fingerless gloves for TH. So far I haven’t followed a glove/mitten pattern. I am going to try to modify these, but may just use the instructions from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I have the wrist done on the first glove.

4) Winter hat for me. I could consider about done but I do not like it. I made a cabled band last winter and ran across it again last month. I am making up how to turn it into a hat, but I am not happy with it, so I will rip out everything I did this fall and try again.

5) Spinning for a vest for TH. It is going slowly. I have two bobbins of singles I need to ply. I do not have nearly enough carded yet to spin. I need to card a lot more fiber and then spin a lot more before I can get to the knitting.

My knitting to do list also includes looking at and writing book reviews for about eight books I have out right now. I also need to blog about the socks I finished recently, the orange sweater, and something I made just before we started the blog last winter and promised JQ I would blog about. I could also go back and write about the two baby blankets and the scarves that aren’t just garter stitch. Let’s see how much I can do in the next few days. Maybe I can even post every day in November, like Janna is going to do.


2 thoughts on “Works in Progress

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