Planned projects

DJ thought I had missed a project in my works in projects post – the sweater that she wants me to make for her with yarn she bought two years ago. I have not started it yet so it is not in progress. In order to assure DJ that I do remember that the sweater exists, I will list some of my planned projects.

I keep my yarn in three basic places – A. easy to get to, B. a bit annoying to get to, and C. somewhat difficult to access. I have (mostly) added categories A & B to Ravelry (WKate) (there are also pictures here). I will only include category A things on my project list because the other probably will happen later and are even less defined.

In no particular order:

Socks for me – yarnPomatomus

Socks for me – yarn – chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks

Socks for me or TH – yarnMonkeysocks if for me

Socks for TH – new purchase (see below) – probably simple ribs

Sweater for DJ – yarn – hopefully pattern in Vogue knitting Volume 21, Number 2 Fall 2003 will work. It calls for completely different yarn and I’m not sure I have enough, but I saw a sweater made at the Yarn Barn that used this yarn and I think this pattern and the salesperson thought it used the amount of yarn I have

Yarn for felting – yarn and more and more and more and more and leftovers from DJ’s purse – several ideas, no firm plans

Scarf for me – yarn – scarf from Victorian Lace Today

Trying to get inspired – yarn – would like this to be part of a sweater

Trying to get inspired – handspun challenge (see below)

Two oz. unspun 70% Merino, 10% kid mohair, 20% silk top in lavender purchased in 1995 with the intention of making something for DJ (I think this is my oldest unspun fiber).

20 g bombyx top purchased a couple weeks ago to go with the handspun challenge – probably will want to ply with something else that I don’t have yet.

This post reminded me that I never mentioned my recent trip to Chicago. I had a meeting on Monday (to discuss the proper way to count the number of angels on a head of a pin), but I had all of a beautiful Sunday afternoon to wander around with TH. We went to Sam’s Wine & Spirits and bought 2 Islays (Laphroaig “Quarter Cask” and Bowmore 17 year. We then walked a lot and went to Loopy yarns. I was restrained and bought only one thing—Supersocke 100 (75% superwash and 25% polyamid) in Melange color 976 (green/mustard/brown/blue). We then took an architectural walking tour, had dinner and collapsed in the hotel.

ONline Supersocke 100 Melange 976

A year ago at a fiber fair, I purchased some 60% bombyx/40% bamboo. I wanted to try spinning bamboo. I decided that I would purchase the colorway that looked least like me as a challenge to use. I asked several friends and we wnet with one with a lot of pink and a lot of yellow. I spun and Navajo plied it last fall and it has been sitting around since (not that this is any different from the rest of my handspun, but this was a challenge!). Now that it is spun it isn’t as strikingly “not me” but I’m still thinking it will become a gift for DJ, Mom or my MiL. It is a small quantity (48 g 130 yd) but I am thinking it might work in a hat.

bombyx-bamboo-2006-10I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow. I’m watching British comedies and am too lazy to take a picture. [It is now tomorrow and I have added pictures.]


4 thoughts on “Planned projects

  1. wow, you seem to have a very firm handle on all the projects you have, or are thinking of having. I’m proud of you. I’m sitting in my sewing/craft/where I plug in my laptop room, which is where I house all of my projects, both real and imagined. I couldn’t list them all out so nicely, though. Of course, I’d probably get all bogged down in trying to limit to fiber arts, then waffle over whether or not to include the embroidery, etc. Not that I’ve done much embroidery since “the big move.” But I have hopes of one day getting going again.Maybe after we finally convert that workshop into a real, workable area, with heat and lights! Hmmf, I think that that has to go on the list of projects. sigh.

  2. Yeah, well, within half an hour (literally) of posting this I pulled yarn out of storage area B and started another project that isn’t on the list. It is a hat for TH. I am trying to match one from a tv show. When I get it figured out I’ll give more details.

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