Review: Vintage knits

Vintage knits : 30 exquisite vintage-inspired patterns for cardigans, twin sets, crewnecks, and more 9780743224567 by Sarah Dallas with Yesterknits has several fun patterns in it. The designs are from the 1940s and 1950s in the UK. I really like seeing the original pattern and the updated version. I wish there were bigger pictures of all the originals. In some cases, I really like the reinterpretation. In other cases, the new pattern makes what I consider large changes in the original, giving it a completely different feel.

I can definitely picture making several of the designs, either for myself or for DJ. Surprisingly, I like the beaded sweater. If I ever make it, it will need to be in a color that would work for DJ as well because I have a feeling if I put it on I would realize it was not my style. I also like the silk ribbed camisole, lace cardigan, short-sleeved ribbed lace sweater and diamond stitch sweater. I also am not sure if I would wear a short sleeve sweater—it might work for spring/fall and look more grown up than my usual schlumpy look. There is also a pattern for a bolero, which is similar to a shrug, but nicer.

This was one of the first knitting books I checked out. I have not made anything from the book so I do not know if the instructions are clear. However, I still like several of the patterns, which I think, is a good sign.

Rating: 3.8


One thought on “Review: Vintage knits

  1. I completely agree with your assessment of the book. I bought this one last year sometime, with the intention of knitting myself a twin set. I still am going to, too. Thanks for getting this one done, as you may have noticed, I have failed in my Monday goal for the day and still haven’t gotten a book review posted. I still have hopes of writing one before the week is over on Friday … I am not signing anything, though!

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