Missing needles

I had been doing so well about posting everyday until last week when we started having network problems at home. Apparently moving some files to the other computer is a big enough impediment to stall my blogging. I am now on the “other” computer with the files, so I may finish up one of the book reviews tonight as well as this post.

A week ago I posted about works in progress and planned projects. Within half an hour, I started a hat that wasn’t on either list. Unfortunately, the yarn on hand knit up a little small for TH. We bought more yesterday, but I’m afraid it might be too big now. (No, I can’t alter the number of cast on stitches – it is a very specific pattern I am making).

The biggest problem is that I want to use my size nine double points, but I can’t find them. I couldn’t find them. I wanted to confirm I did have them so I checked ravelry (more correctly, since TH was using the laptop and we were watching TV, I made him check ravelry.) Yup, I own the needles. I dug some more but still couldn’t find them. The next question was when did I last see them – I knew I had them when I inventoried the needles last spring. So I checked the blog. I used them on DJ’s hat in mid September. I continued to look everywhere I could think of. Still no needles.

I really hate losing things. Grumble grumble grumble.


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