Review: Fitted Knits

Fitted knits : 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter 9781581808728 by Stefanie Japel. I really liked the sound of this book – knits that are made to fit one properly and aren’t designed as big sacks but are in more form fitting, stylish shapes. I had seen some things knit from the book on the web and I liked them (you can see some of the pictures here, esp. Boatneck Bluebell Sweater and Textured Tunic or on Amazon). So I had high hopes for this book.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the book quite as well as I had hoped. Pretty much everything is knit in the round, from the top down (with basic instructions for altering covered on 3 pages). This is fine, but it doesn’t show alternative ways to alter and fit a garment. I think I may be a bit mood dependent with these designs or else they are growing on me. When I first drafted this review, I thought, there weren’t too many projects I liked at all. Also, some of the designs fall victim to the photograph in the book. I do not like short vests over long shirts. I also am not too fond of most of the neck openings and I think there are too many shoulder buttons. A surprising number were made of chunky yarns, which is OK, but didn’t fit with my idea of fitted knits.

Looking at some of the pictures now, I realize I like more of the items more than I had first realized. I think that the book wasn’t as perfect as I had wanted it to be so it was a victim of failing my high expectations. With some modifications, I would like several of the designs better. this is another popular knitting book that has a KAL.

Rating: 3.7


2 thoughts on “Review: Fitted Knits

  1. A colleague of mine purchased this book, because she loved the design on the cover. So I had a chance to read through some of the patterns, since she asked me for some advice on one or two of them. I thought that the directions for the sweaters were not always clear, even when I factored in that not all of them are for “novice” knitters. The one on the cover, for example, is knit down from the shoulders, but we had to take the book to our LYS to our fabulous sweater class instructor, Irene, to be sure that’s what they meant.Anyhow, I agree with your assessment, and I never did look to see if they had posted any errata for this book, so I could be being overly critical, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it or using any of the patterns.

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