Review: Knitting from the Netherlands

Knitting from the Netherlands : traditional Dutch fishermen’s sweaters 9780937274170 by Henriette van der Klift-Tellegen is a book I read a couple years ago when I was still just beginning to knit. I have Dutch ancestry and I love to learn about historic textiles, so I was drawn to the book as soon as I saw it.

By looking at photos, the author has found the Dutch fisherman wear sweaters, often of a regional design. The people in the communities did not think they had special sweaters, but because they came from a time where life was very local, the designs of course are unique to areas. The author provides some background on the sweaters and the materials and techniques. She then drafts a pattern for sweaters in photographs. The photos are identified by community when known.

The sweaters are one color (blue, black, dark grey) and made of Sajet, which was inexpensive yarn made from meat sheep (Dutch Texelaar). The sweaters were knit in the round, all in the same basic style. The and measurements are very simple; everything is divisible by three (e.g. 1/3 of stitches for one shoulder, 1/3 for neck, 1/3 for other shoulder). The gauge is 6 sts/inch. Most of the motifs are knit/purl designs. A few have a simple cabling.

I really enjoyed reading this book and plan to make at least one sweater from it someday.

Rating: 4


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