Review: Knit 2 Together

Knit 2 Together : patterns and stories for serious knitting fun 9781584795346 by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark is a quick, fun read. Most of the book is patterns, but rest is quite entertaining, The book includes 32 patterns by Clark. The designs are varied and range in skill level. Some of Clark’s designs seem fairly unusual, such as the linen kilt, some are kitschy, like the saucy apron, but they most are things I can picture real people wearing. You can see several of them here.

Most of the designs are not things that say “make me!” but I enjoyed looking at them anyway. I ought to like the “Grownup bonnet because that is how I wear my winter scarf (which is why TH has gotten me hats) but I don’t. The gym slip dress is almost something I like, but I need to modify it. The Pimlico shrug is also a near miss for me. I think my favorite item is the Pea Pod cardigan, but the button band would need to be straight.
Rating: 3

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