Review: Modern classics

Modern classics: knit over twenty timeless designs 9781564776440 by Louisa Harding has a nice selection of sweaters and other knitted tops. The listing at the back shows 13 long-sleeved pullover sweaters, 1 short-sleeved, 1 twinset, 8 Cardigans/jackets and 1 vest. Five of the sweaters are really variation on the fitted sweater and the basic sweater so you can choose fit and neckline. Some of the sweater use single color yarn, other variegated and others have a pattern knit in (strip or stranded). I haven’t used the book so I can’t comment on the instructions. Harding has her own yarn line. I have never seen (or felt) her yarns that I know of, so I can’t comment on them either. The patterns are organized by weight of yarn

There are several designs I can see making, but not necessarily from this book. The garments of classic shape have similar patterns in other books as well. I like the panel jacket, which is a bit more unusual. I also like the subtle detail on the fitted textured sweater. The lace version of the V neck cardigan is also nice. I often don’t like variegated yarn with lace, but I think this design uses the yarn effectively. I like the look of Sloppy Joe but I know the wide boat neck would drive me nuts. You can see all the patterns here.
Until I know if her instructions are good, it is hard to rate this too high since the designs are classics and therefore not super unusual.
Rating: 3.2

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