Unmatched Socks

Last fall, I started making TH a pair of socks from Knitty. Unfortunately, the pattern required just a bit more concentration then I kept giving it, especially since it was fine, dark yarn. I also was having trouble as it was another toe up sock, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of them yet. I was close to done with one sock (see picture, far right) and then figured out it was way too big for TH! I don’t recall if I was using size 1 needles or if I was using the heavy, slippery size 0 I had at that time. The final straw was that TH indicated he’d rather just have some socks in no pattern just so he could have more socks.

I switched yarn at that time and did actually complete a pair for him for Christmas. I will make socks in the Knitty pattern at some future time.
After Christmas, I started the other half of the skein using a different pattern and smaller (00) needles. This one is going better, but after hauling the sock around town (including listening to a few candidates and to the caucus) I realized it wouldn’t be a good sock for the conference. I would sometimes need to look very carefully to tell where I was in the pattern, even though it is very simple. This first sock is in progress (middle).

I needed something for the plane and airports and also for some sessions and waiting before sessions, so I started another sock for TH using sock yarn from DJ. I started it here, unsure if it would be for me or for TH. I decided en route to Chicago that it would be for TH, so I ripped out what I had and began casting on again as we were landing in Chicago (left sock). I was finishing the toe as I was landing on my return. I redid the toe after arriving home because it was too pointy. TH thought it looked like a goofy medieval shoe. He does like it though—the colors remind him of those used in Fishbourne Roman Palace in England.


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