DJ’s Purse

DJ’s birthday was in October. I had the knitting for her present done in September and all the felting except the handle done before her birthday. (The purse should like something like the one here). I didn’t find a decent handle in town, so I made I-cord and felted it sometime in October. And there it has sat pretty much since then. I got back it just before Christmas, but then when I found out I wouldn’t be seeing her, I put it down again.

So, here are pictures of the purse before felting and after felting. I included a ruler for scale. I also included Pink Bear for scale.


hat 8a

Pink Bear was one of my teddy bears as a child. She made it through the final culling sometime in high school or college. My Mom kept her around because she liked having a childhood reminder. Fast forward to the introduction of my mother’s cat. The cat has poor manners and Mom used Pink Bear (with my permission) to protect her hands/play with the cat when Smokey Jo was particularly rambunctious. This was fine until I actually saw Pink Bear all beat up by the cat, with several tears. I gave my Mom Floppy Wolf instead – a sturdier toy for the cat.

hat 8b

Poor, battered Pink Bear came home with me to be mended and then be packed away with other childhood memories. Mending is not my strong suit so … uh… a long time has passed and she still hasn’t been mended even though she is sitting out next to the TV where I see her regularly. The result is that she has now been used to show scale. And she has gotten a new hat.


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