Review: Sensual Knits

Sensual knits : luxurious yarns, alluring designs 9781402749209 by Yahaira Ferreira has several very nice designs in it. There are also several designs that I would consider if I was younger and shed a few pounds. The patterns all call for luxury fibers. Some of the patterns are not as timeless as I would like for such expensive fibers. The patterns are meant to be “classic without being boring” and to give the knitter a “one-of-a-kind look” or “a custom piece, couture if you will.” I find these ideas to be potentially at odds with each other, unless (and this is confirmed by my opinion of the patterns, some of which seem classic and others much trendier).

The book is also frustrating in that it lacks some key photos. For example, the Demeter camisole is described as “This deceptively simple camisole hides a sexy little secret. The sweetheart neckline gives a hint, but the low scooped back screams ‘siren.'” Unfortunately, there is no picture of the back, and even the pattern schematic doesn’t show the back! (You can see one here). Another example is the camisole-sweater twin-set. The camisole has lace details that don’t show with the sweater of it (see Nov. 30, 2007 post by the designer).

I like the Sayuri sweater (one of the extra pictures on Amazon) enough it is on a list of things I might make. I think Ivy dress is very attractive, but I would never make it for myself.

There is an errata here.

Rating: 3


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