Yarn Stash

I just finished putting my pictures for my stash in Ravelry. It is a bit scary. OK, a lot scary. I made the mistake of showing TH. He says he has no sympathy for my lack of money. I pointed out that much of it is gifts, yarn I spun a long time ago etc. I really need to get busy and use more of it. The big problem is that I keep not having the right yarn, so I need to buy something more to supplement/coordinate/extend the yarn. I’m also such a slow knitter that it doesn’t go away very quickly.

I have been sitting around today not doing much. (Other than a trip downtown which involved checking out four more random knitting books). I have a cold. The main symptoms are sneezing, watery eyes, and being stupid. I am also sleepy and am getting a headache. The being stupid part and wanting to be under a blankie is limiting what I can do. Since the last post, I have done a bit more spinning with beads but it is pretty challenging for a groggy head. However playing with the pretty fiber and beads is nice and knowing it is just samples and doesn’t need to be particularly consistent makes it a decent thing to do with little brain power. I’ll try to post more pictures later this weekend.


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