Review: Simple knits with a twist

Simple Knits with a Twist: unique projects for creative knitters 9781584793618 by Erika Knight tries to show how you can make items out of unconventional materials and/or make non-clothing items and to think a bit differently about knitting. These are nice theories, but overall I was unimpressed. The cover actually shows 3 of the best projects. If I was 8 I would like the satin ribbon slippers (lower left). The upper right of the cover has a bag made out of strips of net fabric, which gives an interesting look (but not something I would want).

I think the pillow made of strips of wool felt (painted with fabric paint in stripes) is the most interesting item. It is very simple, but a bit unusual. I think the felt gives an interesting texture for a large decorative pillow.

The book also includes a dog sweater that S might like. I think it is kinda cute, but I don’t know anything about what makes a good dog sweater.

Other items of note include the retro poodle bottle cover (“This retro look—once the domain of the church-rummage sale—is now de rigeour.”) and the Aran armchair cover (both have good pictures at Amazon). The book also includes a plastic carryall made from old plastic shopping bags. One of the things I like about knitting is the feel of the yarn. I don’t think knitting plastic would give me the same tactile enjoyment. She also includes a quilt made of both woven fabric and knitted strips to coordinate. I’m not convinced I’d like the mix of the two in a quilt (for feel and wear). There are also some big black and white op-art wall hangings, an intentionally laddered sweater and a bean bag chair made of old jeans and knitting.

The final item I’ll mention is a hanging basket liner made of cotton kitchen twine. If you ignore the pom pom under the basket, it doesn’t look too bad in the photo. I really want to see it after the plants have been watered a few times, dirty water starts dripping through it (with the pom pom getting more disreputable all the time). It will be really good by the end of the season when mildew is growing on it. Making this seems like a fabulous use of my time.

Rating: 2


2 thoughts on “Review: Simple knits with a twist

  1. I would like to see the shopping bag pattern. I like the feel of the yarn–this is even more important that I thought as knitting for the preemie project is demonstrating….but then again anything that reuses the evil plastic bags is a good thing. I’m always looking for cheap gift ideas since I have 45 people reporting to me!

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