Review: The Knit Hat Book

The knit hat book : 25 hats from basic shapes 9781561581993 by Nicky Epstein is another book I picked up randomly at the library. It is not a book for me. First, I don’t like that several hats are in one picture rather than with the instructions. It makes it harder to use the book (although cheaper to produce, I’m sure). Secondly, most of the hats are one’s I have absolutely no interest in and don’t know anyone that would want to wear. They are heavily embellished. They remind me of Ladies Bird Watching Society hats (sorry, this is a reference only DJ will understand—it comes from a play from our childhood and the hats our father designed). TH was speechless when he looked at them. I’m sure you could embellish the hats in other ways, but none of the embellishments inspire me. The hats without embellishment are generally fine, but did not seem very unusual.

There are a few hats that are OK. One of them on the cover with the “leopard” brim looks like something for CL. There is also a decent pattern (“Chameleon”) for a basic hat with a diagonal rib. The hat is shown with the brim folded and rolled in different ways.

Rating 1.3


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