Review: Vogue knitting caps & hats

Vogue knitting caps & hats 9781573890106 by Trisha Malcolm is an older book than I realized when I picked it up off the recently returned shelves at the library. Vogue has published a 2nd book on the same theme. I really like this book. I can’t say I like every hat in the book, but there is a wide variety of shapes and styles (by a variety of designers) and I can definitely see making several of the hats. Each hat has its own picture next to the instructions, which makes it easy to use. Another nice feature is that each hat is also shown on a hat form as well as off. I haven’t made any of the hats yet, so I can’t comment on the instructions.

You can get a some sense of what is in the book by looking at Google books (although I will note that the first few pictures do not accurately reflect the color in the book–two pictures being black and white and another being way off when they color corrected for the yellow paper). The pictures on the Vogue Knitting site aren’t from this book—they may be from book 2. (In fact, one of the hats is also pictured as part of book 2, but with a different name!)

Rating: 3.8


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