Beaded hat

I finished the beaded hat for DJ.

hat 9aPattern: none
Yarn: handspun, partially novelty yarn samples
Needles: number 6, double point
Began: February 2008. Completed: February 2008

The knitting is not exciting (cast on 88 stitches, stockinette the whole way (so reverse stockinette shows beads on rolled edge), when just enough yarn was left to decrease (5 5/8″” from CO edge), start decreasing every other row, dividing hat in 1/8ths). I tried a bit of pattern at first, but since the whole point of this is the handspun yarn, I decided to keep the knitting very simple.

hat 9b

The hat uses one of my first beaded yarn samples for the rolled edge, then multi-roving yarn (with the darkest/least pink end used first so it would be covered by the rolled edge, followed by a pinker section of the multi-roving yarn held with a sample of slub yarn from last fall, and then finishing with multi-roving yarn with beads. It is very hard to see the beads, even in person.

hat 9dDisappointingly, DJ can’t see the flickr pictures on break at work, so I now know I can post surprises for her and she can only read about them.

hat 9c

In other news—I checked out a whole lot of books from the library and am trying not to look at them until I have written up a review so expect to see a bunch of book reviews.


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