Compo’s Hat

Back in November I listed my planned projects and then immediately started something that wasn’t on the list, but I never blogged about it.

We enjoy watching Last of the Summer Wine, a BBC comedy that started in 1973? One of the characters is called Compo. He is consistently described as “scruffy.” He always wears a green knit hat. The first several years the hat was different, but sometime around 1980, the same hat was worn until the actor’s death in 1999. TH wanted a hat like Compo’s.

I first made the hat using stash yarn—Araucania Nature Wool in green. Unfortunately, although the color was right, it fit me and not TH, so I ripped it out (yes, it was virtually done and I completely frogged it. In theory I could have moved up a needle size or two, but I was using size 7 dpns. I don’t own size 8 dpns (yet) and I lost my size 9 dpns from about October until two weeks ago.

Obviously, I needed to buy new yarn, so TH and I went to my LYS2 to find wool he would like. Once there, green no longer seemed quite as important. TH really liked a deep red. The yarn was too thick this time—especially since I would be using size 7 needles (why didn’t I just get new needles?). This means the hat isn’t quite as good as it should be so I’ll need to make him another one eventually.

Compo's hat

Pattern: none
Yarn: Cascade 128, 9404 (1 skein)
Needles: size 7, double point
Began: November 2007. Completed: November 2007

Cast on 88 stitches. K1 P1 ribbing for for about 2 inches. K2 P K2 P K4 P (repeat for total of 8). Make 2×2 right twist cables in the K4 section. Continue until 7 or 7 1/2 inches (or until you need to decrease because you are running out of yarn–a bit more would be better for thick yarn)—this was 6 cable twists for me. Start decreases in P between pair of K2s. Continue decreasing here. Next do decreases on every other cable, leaving a nice + of cables going to the top of the hat.

Even though the yarn isn’t really right, I think it does look like Compo’s hat. Yes, this is a very easy hat, but it is the first time I saw something and figured out how to make it, more challenging because for some reason they don’t give great knitting shots and I was watching it “live” so I couldn’t pause the show.


3 thoughts on “Compo’s Hat

  1. I think this looks really close to Campo’s hat! Great job! I may have to copy you and make one. Thanks for the pattern. The only pattern I’ve made up so far (and I didn’t write it down) was a hat for TL which turned out to be the perfect size for his bear. Um, toy bear.

  2. I have always loved Compo's hat and have been thinking about working out a pattern for it. Then, it occurred to me that I probably wasn't the only one that just loved it. And, here it is!! Thank you so much for posting the pattern.

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